L10-DT stage 01

ARRI släpper i vär det senaste i L-serien, en 400W LED-fresnel motsvarande 2000W halogen. L10 med en 10" lins kompletterar de populära L7 och L5 och kommer likt de tidigare i  tre versioner,

  • L10-C kontinuerligt varierbar mellan 2800 - 10000K
  • L10-T Tuneable Tungsten, justerbar mellan 2600 och 3600K
  • L10-D Tuneable Daylight, 5000 - 6500K

Den låga effektförbrukningen om 400W ger ett ljusutbyte per W som är nästan 5 gånger en konventionell fresnel med glödljus.

prolight+sound: Hall 11 Stand D68

d3 Technologies

d3 Technologies

Intersonic är nu som förste distributör globalt representant för d3 Technologies mediaservrar. och vi är givetvis mycket stolta över detta.

d3 är ledande leverantör av mediaservrar både mjuk- och hårdvarumåssigt, många prestigeprojekt har en d3 för att leverera det bästa inom 2d och 3d-visualisering.

d34x2pr0 logodetail

ColorSource PAR

 color-source-par-glam 0029A LED of a different color

Most budget LEDs use red, green, blue, and possibly white and/or amber emitters, a combination that results in a limited color range.


 In contrast, the ColorSource PAR benefits from ETC's extensive experience in LED color-mixing, by using the proportionate recipe of red, green, blue, a twist of lime and an extra dash of red. The lime and double-red emitters expand the ColorSource PAR's color range, allowing users to get a richness only possible from ETC LED luminaires. The unique blend also adds depth, making a more natural, flattering light. And, when ColorSource PAR fixtures are used at any intensity, they maintain their color quality.ETC 4C positive-250

Mipro MI-909

S 20141028162313yZLN

Congratulations to MIPRO digital in-ear monitoring system, MI-909, being nominated in the Nominees for the 30th Annual TEC Awards for Outstanding Technical Achievement under the category of "WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY".

Nexo M28

m28The ‘fourth element’ in the suite of NEXO STM compatible loudspeaker modules, the M28 is an injection-moulded all-purpose 2- way loudspeaker cabinet, providing 90°/120° of horizontal dispersion and 0° to 15° splaying angle between modules.

M28 is the same width as the STM M46 main cabinet, 2/3 height, and can either be arrayed in the same column with M46 in a large-format STM system, arrayed in the same column as B112 bass cabinet in a mid-format STM system, or used independently from the M46 and B112.

Powered by the NEXO NXAMP Powered TDController, the M42 exhibits high SPL output, superior horizontal control and stable dispersion.

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Eclér HMA120 Powered Media Mixer

hma120 front-255

Mixer/förstärkare med inbyggd mediespelare för USB och SDCard.

Lätt att sköta, lämplig för mindre anläggningar där man behöver både tal och musik.

  • 2 mikrofoningångar med noise gate och talkover
  • 3 linjeingångar
  • Separat eq för mic/line
  • 120W effekt, utgång för lågohmig eller 100V
  • Går att fjärrstyra med WPm-serien väggpaneler
  • Inbyggd MP3-spelare från USB och SDCard
  • Auto Standby

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Midas M32

  • M32 WEB-rev2Live performance and studio recording digital console with up to 40 simultaneous input channels
  • 32 award-winning MIDAS microphone preamplifiers
  • 25 time-aligned and phase-coherent mix buses
  • AES50 networking allows up to 96 inputs and 96 outputs
  • Open architecture allows for future 96 kHz operation
  • 192 kHz ADC and DAC converters for outstanding audio performance

Little Blinder - ARRI M8


The M8 is the latest and smallest lighting fixture in ARRI’s highly successful M-Series of HMI lampheads. Like the rest of the M-Series, the M8 is equipped with MAX Technology, a unique, patented reflector design that unifies the advantages of a Fresnel and a PAR fixture.

The combination of an open face design and the unrivalled efficiency of the MAX reflector makes the M8 exceptionally bright; in fact, the light output produced by its 800 W lamp comes close to the output from a 1,200 W Fresnel or PAR (with lens). The unit can be focused between 15° and 62° just by turning the focus knob, producing a remarkably even light field and a crisp, clear shadow. By eliminating the need for bulky, easily breakable spread lenses, the M8 will speed up workflows on set.